Mountain Rescues Backstory

Paul LeRoux of Twain Associates in Ouray Colorado

For some 40 years, publisher Paul LeRoux has been hiking in the Ouray / Silverton / Telluride area. This is his favorite part of Colorado.

During those many years, he had always thought that a mountain rescue book would interest tourists visiting the San Juan Mountains.

Writer Kent Nelson


Over the years, he got to know the fiction writer and Ouray resident Kent Nelson and became a huge fan of his work.

Paul was convinced that Kent would be the perfect writer for a rescue book. Kent lived in Ouray, was familiar with many of the incidences and in his opinion is a superb writer. Unfortunately, Kent was always busy with a novel or collection of short stories.

This past December, all the stars aligned. Paul had asked Kent for some advice on another book. During his conversations, Kent asked Paul if he was still interested in rescue book. Paul said, “Absolutely.” Kent then offered to try one story and see how long the research and writing would take. That test led to his agreement to pen the book.

Mountain Rescues And Tragedies


Paul is ecstatic with Kent’s book, Rescues and Tragedies in the San Juan Mountains. On top of his gripping descriptions, the many colored photos that Paul and Kent found add to the drama of Kent’s stories.

Why not download the free mountain rescue story and judge for yourself? Or better yet order the book!